Hybrid Kinetic Pininfarina-Styled K350 SUV Concept Teased Ahead Of Beijing


For those that don’t know, Hybrid Kinetic is one more Chinese car manufacturer. More precisely, they are still just an electric-car startup company, though one very ambitious startup. They are bringing two amazing concepts to the upcoming 2018 Beijing auto show. One of them is the H500 sedan, whiles the other and for us more interesting is the Pininfarina-styled K350 SUV. The SUV with Italian styling and Chinese advanced technology definitely promises something good, but let’s see what’s hiding under the fancy skin:

Pininfarina-styled K350 SUV

The carmaker hasn’t released much so far, but according to the latest reports, the K350 SUV should get a powertrain that uses a pair of electric motors, one per both axles, which together should be able to deliver around 800 horsepower. Even though it sounds too crazy to be true, the crossover should reportedly be able to cross around 620 miles (1000 kilometers) on a single charge. But that not everything. The model will be capable to fill up its battery system with can either be charged by a plug or on the run using a compact microturbine. The turbine is extra light. It weighs less than 200 pounds and delivers around 80 horsepower for charging. It’s also capable of run on a variety of fuels. The list includes both gasoline and diesel fuels, as well as hydrogen, which is simply amazing.


The Pininfarina-styled K350 SUV and the H500 sedan are not going to be everything the carmaker prepares. No, they are just the part of the adventure, because the company has a plan to introduce the H600 AWD sedan, as well as two bigger SUVs: the K550 crossover and the K750 seven-seater. The first from the list will be introduced in late 2019 or early 2020.