Does 2010 Honda Accord Have A Timing Belt


Does honda accord 2010 timing belt chain?, V6 has a timing chain that must be replaced every 110,000 miles. the 4 cylinder has a chain, no maintenance required..
Does 2010 honda accord timing chain – answers., The 4 cylinder has a timing chain, but the v6 has a timing beltthat must be replaced every 110,000 miles..
Honda timing belt timing chain list – car angel, Here is the complete honda timing belt and timing chain list. some honda engines are timing belt and others are chain. you need to know which one you have..
Timing belt change honda accord – maintenance/repairs, I have a 2004 honda accord ex 6 cyl. the mileage is at about 45000. according to maintainance schedule, i should change the timing belt every 105000 miles or every 7.
Does 2010 honda accord timing chain belt, It’s the 4 cylinder model. i’ve heard that the 4 cyl has a timing chain and the 6 cyl has a belt. true? i’d be nice if i had a chain. i don’t.
Honda accord timing belt replacement cost estimate, The average cost for a honda accord timing belt replacement is between $414 and $589. labor costs are estimated between $316 and $400 while parts are priced between.
Honda accord questions – timing chain , / accord / does it have a timing chain or belt does a 2006 honda crv have a timing belt or chain and when should it be changed ? 1 answer.
Honda timing belt replacement – maintenance/repairs – car, I have been told i need to replace the timing belt on my accord at honda timing belt replacement of the timing belt is normal maintenance on honda.

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