2021 Jaguar J-Pace New Mid-Size Crossover Announced


Following the expansion of the SUV market niche, the renowned British automaker decided to introduce the all-new Jaguar J-Pace in order to tackle the competition in the mid-size SUV segment. This might be good news for all the luxury SUV fans waiting for something new, but the latest addition to the Jaguar palette is not going to be launched anytime soon.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace

In fact, according to our sources, the new Jaguar SUV is going to be released as a 2021 model. The new J-Pace is going to be based on the Range Rover platform, but its general style will be slightly different. All the Range Rover SUVs have deeply embedded off-road heritage in their DNA. The 2021 Jaguar J-Pace is going to be a refined gentleman with strong tarmac preference and style as smooth as its ride.

Since its competitors are going to be extravagant and prominent crossovers such as the Maserati Levante or the Porsche Cayenne, the 2021 J-Pace will be determined to offer outrageous luxury and the perfect craftsmanship all around. That’s why the cabin with seats in three rows is going to be a Pantheon of elegance and premium quality, but the powertrain is going to be something special as well.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace front Some sources claim that the J-Pace is going to be powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Still, the electrified system won’t be available on the official debut. Instead, the interesting crossover will start with gasoline engine option. The starter will host a supercharged V6 engine with around 340 horsepower, as well as a more potent version of the engine which is going to deliver 380 hp. Jaguar will probably add a high-performance model sometime later.

2021 Jaguar J-Pace rear

Jag’s next topper will probably be in the same range with the current Range Rover. More precisely, the 2021 Jaguar J-Pace will cost around $88K and up.