2020 Renault Alaskan Review, Engine, Specs


2020 Renault Alaskan

We are sure that you are thrilled with 2020 Renault Alaskan and possibility to buy an upgraded version of the great model that we know for before. However, keep in mind that many parts of this model have been taken from Nissan Navara with few upgrades. On the other hand, there are many changes in equipment and design worth of mentioning.


2020 Renault Alaskan front
As we said, 2020 Renault Alaskan looks like Navara, not only in details but in appearance, too. The reason is obvious, they used the same platform and main design from brother factory. That means wide and muscular but rounded front end with the wide recognizable front end and LED front lights on the sides of them. The rear end looks a little short, mostly thanks to the numerous decoration and details on the trunk door. However, the truck has wide rails on the roof and chubby sides.


In its new version, 2020 Renault Alaskan remained the same elegance and simplicity in the cabin as in the older model, with few upgrades. The cabin is well-designed, with a large and wide dashboard and great buttons’ layout all over the dash. It is decorated with wide lines made of chrome and has simple air vents. The model is large enough for five adult passengers and offers comfort and luxury. When it comes to the equipment, there are great things borrowed from Nissan and old Alaskan models. The model is equipped with original Nissan’s LINK 2 infotainment system and a 7-inch touchscreen.


Although the manufacturer has not said much about the engine in 2020 Renault Alaskan, we are sure that they will not drop out the 2.3-liter petrol unit that is used in this model before. This model produces 145 horsepower of strength, high enough for the models like this. On the other hand, they have not said much about stronger engines that can be ordered in higher trims, so we must wait for that later. Even though this engine does not offer sophistication and elegance along with smooth driving like previous diesel model, the manufacturer is convinced that this version buyers will like more. As the matter of fact, this is another thing taken from Nissan older brother.
2020 Renault Alaskan front

2020 Renault Alaskan Release Date and Price

The latest information we have about 2020 Renault Alaskan is that it will be on the market at beginning of 2019, or maybe later, but not after mid of the year. However, the price should not be much higher than before. That means $40,000 for the base model. As we have heard, but not confirmed yet, the completely new redesigned version waits for 2021.