2020 Ford Ranger Raptor Changes and Campuflage


The big news breaking today is we have five photos of the 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor we’re thinking 20, here they are.

2020Raptor Camouflage

So a couple things to notice is that it’s got the Raptor badges on the side. Its left-hand Drive which is US market, and that they’re showing it off. Undisguised those are some big things going on, so what our theorize you can read the article on 2018vehicles.com is that you know there’s a lot of things going to play here. Firs,t undisguised for raptor no camouflage that’s not a mistake for did that for a purpose. They’re probably gauging interest or probably aging out of the autumn of journalist review talked about it and how the public talks about it.

EcoBoost Engine Guaranteed

There’s also a situation going on right now that would make some sense for them to show it off is that the buddies at ram are doing their track day event and they’re showing out their new products. So it’s kind of funny how it happens same time. Our theory is is afford one of this information out there they called local spy photographers set them up time we’re gonna be, the guy drives to mcdonalds and drives back. We mean clearly something is at play here. Now what’s gonna cost, what’s the powertrain was didn’t come out, those are all things we don’t know. It’s guaranteed it’s gonna have an EcoBoost engine. Truck trends saying that’s probably not a diesel we thinking it probably will be a diesel at some point especially if it’s gonna be a zr2 competitor that comes in a diesel.

Raptor 2020 Release Date

Drove that a couple years ago about there or two years ago some like that and it was pretty badass. So, we anticipating decent income that format, but just really cool really exciting news that range of Raptor it’s in Asian markets right now. Thailand that they announced it a month that they announced a 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor at the north make it out of Ottoman North American International Auto Show.

Sorry hard to say it too excited in Detroit in 2018 so what could happen here. A couple days at place did you watch out for we could get some more details as things evolve it would probably be and make a official debut with the LA Auto Show in November, or it’ll be at the trial show in January. It’s gonna be a big show they’re gonna talk about they’re gonna do a lot behind it.

Ford isn’t just gonna do a drive-by through Walmart or McDonald’s and say that’s their pickup. It’s gonna be more behind it so stay tuned we’ll bring you all the more information as we get it right away as quick as we can get up to you guys.

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor Picture Update :