2020 BMW M3 Specs, Release Date and Price


The 2020 BMW M3 Specs, Release Date and Price will be revealed to the public for we happened to get the spy shot of the model being tested on the road. BMW introduced the models 320i and 330i alongside the models 318d, 320d / 320d xDrive and 330d Diesel and recently announced the 7th generation of the Series 3 sedan in Paris. Higher M340i xDrive has also appeared in more photos and videos in detail, but will not be included in this lineup until next summer. The M3 delivers power at completely different levels.2020 BMW M3

2020 BMW M3 Look

The 2020 BMW M3 was spotted again on the Nürburgring. This seems to be an advanced prototype since the LED lights have been assembled according to the production specifications. As you may recall, earlier test vehicles were not suitable for M cars with old-fashioned bulbs, but unfortunately there were temporary clusters.

These annoying little rivets always seem to rest on the body of the car and include extra trim to better hide the actual design of the M3. Nevertheless, the strong curvature of the arms on the front and rear wheels is easy to see, suggesting that the sports sedan gets a wider track. On the back there is a typical trunk lid spoiler for M cars and a very subtle exhaust system, but there is no definitive configuration.

2020 BMW M3 specs

2020 BMW M3 Engine Specs

Even if you see lots of M 340i and M performance parts, you do not need a crystal ball to see the future of 2020 BMW M3. With the expected performance of the new turbocharged 3.0-liter turbocharger with two turbochargers, we also have preliminary (unidentified) details on the oil spill. It is designed for the X3 M and X4 M models, which are equipped with a version of more than 500 hp (optional) and in the standard configuration offer a performance of about 450 horses. It must be a similar story to see how M3 lends the S58 engine to the first full version of Crossover X3 and X4.2020 BMW M3 price

2020 BMW M3 Release Date, Price

The Germany auto maker is scheduled to introduce the 2020 BMW M3 in the early of 2019 auto show, then release to the market in mid of the 2019. Meanwhile, the hint of the price will reveal during the 2019 auto show.

2020 BMW M3 release date

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