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2019 Renault Trafic Prices  Engine Specs Image

Better late than never. The mid-size 2019 Renault Trafic van will have an automatic transmission that is badly needed in its current version, the company confirmed.

2019 Renault Trafic Outside

Operators may well be looking anxiously at the huge bunches of front traffic lights and the big bumpers painted on the vans, but Renault assures us that the repair costs on the Trafic have been well controlled. The urge to use expensive and fashionable LED lighting technology has been fought to keep down replacement costs and the lights at both ends of the van are mounted high, out of danger. The bumpers of entry-level versions are not painted as standard.

2019 Renault Trafic Engine Photo

Renault Trafic 2019 Inside

Renault has brought a number of passenger car keys inside the Trafic, but the van’s cab is still designed primarily as a work environment. The two-tone dashboard is made of hard, solid plastic, and although there are areas where the fit is not as good as it could be, the overall mood impresses. The funky instrument cluster with its large digital speed display is raised directly from the Renault Clio supermini and the vents with their black piano surrounds are a nice touch, assuming they remain scratch-free. There is up to 90 liters of storage space inside the cabin, depending on the 14 possible storage spaces. The strong point in terms of usability is the Renault Mobile Office found on the Business + and above models. It is a central front passenger seat with a folding backrest that reveals a table with a detachable notebook and laptop storage space. It does not seem to be quite up to the rest of the cabin in terms of robustness, but it will certainly be a useful addition for those who have paper work on the move.

2019 Renault Trafic Pics Photo

Renault Trafic Engine Specs 2019

Renault Trafic’s 1.6-liter engines may seem small but operators do not need to worry, the performance is plentiful. The dCi 90 variant (89bhp) is reserved for light truck users in urban areas, as its 0.92 mph to 15.9 mph and its top speed of 95 mph indicate a lack of legs when the road opens. .

The 115 dCi (113bhp) is a better all-rounder, its 0-62mph time of 12.4s being much more like that. The engine is smooth and refined with 300 Nm of torque at 1500 rpm (compared to 260 Nm in the dCi 90). It can be difficult to pull the big sixth gear anywhere else than on a highway cruise, otherwise the performance of the gearbox is pretty good.