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2019 Renault RS  – A car dealer based in Heisenberg, Germany, is among the first to sell the new generation Renault Megane RS. In the announcement posted on Mobile, they claim that the French hot hatch can be “freely configured according to your wishes”.

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New Renault RS Review

For now, the 2019 Renault RS comes with a plethora of goodies including a body that is 60mm wider than the regular Megane to wrap around 18 inches and optional 19-inch wheels, its own front and rear styling treatment, sports seats , a large steering wheel and performance monitoring software for infotainment display.

Drive had in two versions of the 2019 Renault RS: on the road, it was the one equipped with EDC transmission and standard sports suspension, while the manual with suspension of the cup and LSD was reserved exclusively for the track.

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2019 Renault Megane RS Engine

The turbocharged 1.8-ltr 4 cylinder engine generates 280 hp (276 hp) and 390 Nm (288 lb-ft) of torque, and is paired with either a six-speed manual or dual-clutch automatic transmission. The official 0-100 km / h 0- (62 mph) sprint is 5.8 seconds, 0.1 seconds slower than one of its major rivals, the Honda Civic Type R.

2019 Renault RS Prices Dimensions Image

Renault Megane RS Price

However, those who are interested in the car should pay attention by reading it and see that it does not start from 24 990 € (30 499 $), but rather 37 600 € (46 055 $). This is for the six-speed manual transmission version, and without optional equipment.

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