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The offer of the Honda brand in the US market will be expanded with the new crossover. In fact, it’s not a whole new model. The 2019 Honda Crosstour will make a comeback after four years of break. The new SUV is equipped with an engine, front-wheel drive or AWD, and a five-door body with coupe lines.

2019 Honda Crosstour  Specs Picture

Honda Crosstour Redesign 2019

2019 Honda Crosstour is accompanied by numerous silver-plated color schemes at Basque Go through Pearl. It’s not necessarily a part of this car with muscle or sport, Honda makes sure it stays in fashion with some changes and improvements. There is virtually no information regarding the changes. Nevertheless, we can still assume that there will be some development in the headlights and taillights of the car even though, again, we never understand how they can be.

The interior will remain advanced, and Honda uses substantial conclusion goods being put into the automobile. Some of them are the navigation method and the infotainment method that can get an essential improvement. They will probably provide Honda Crosstour 2019 with USB wireless iPod touch network, 6-channel CD, low-scratched bass presenter, and 6 moderators 380 W, back-track watch digicam monitor, keyless ignition, a path structure, display screen to screen, as well as other extras.

2019 Honda Crosstour Pictures Specs Photo

New Honda Crosstour Engine

Although it was present in the previous edition, a 3.5-liter V-6 powertrain will be an option for the new Crosstour. Nevertheless, compared to the predecessor, upcoming SUV will have a second motor in the offer. Lack of powertrain choice could be one of the reasons for Honda Crosstour’s failure. The Japanese automaker will add a 4-cylinder mill, for slightly worse power, but much better mileage. That would make the Honda Crosstour 2019 a true family SUV. The displacement could be 2.4 liters.

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Honda Crosstour 2019 Price

Another assumption without major clues is the price. The Honda Crosstour 2019 is a mystery since the company could decide to make it a luxury crossover. But, according to leaked sources, this is not going to happen. The SUV is a medium-sized vehicle, the price of which will not be more than $ 27,000 for basic models.

2019 Honda Crosstour  Engine Picture